Saturday, January 10, 2015

For Best Results, Serving Suggestion, Contents Hot

  These little phrases are called 'insurance'.

  For best results, use the standard size for normal servings and the small size for small servings. Common sense, anyone? For best results, do not wash entire unit. Remove electrical apparatus first. Hmmm...but you have to think about this. Apparently, the only reason this little phrase exists is because someone's tried these things before.

  Serving suggestion. The peaches on the front of the can, with cream on top of them are a serving suggestion. They are not an indication of the contents of the can. The cereal with milk being poured into it is a serving suggestion, the cereal doesn't come with milk. And no, your oatmeal is not precooked. You actually have to get some water and some oven and some electricity and some heat and cook the stuff.

 My personal favorite: contents may be hot. You ordered a cup of coffee. Did you order iced coffee? No? What makes you think it's not going to be hot? But just in case you weren't sure, we've added this little phrase graciously lent to us by Captain Obvious to help you on your way.


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