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Featured Author Mondays - Steven Vincent

 Welcome to a new edition of Featured Author Mondays. Today, I welcome into the spotlight, a fantasy fiction author, Steven Vincent. Trying to break short tradition here by introducing a different genre, fantasy, as mentioned earlier. Not just fantasy, epic fantasy. Read on.

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In his own words:
My name is Steven M. Vincent, born July 19th, 1991 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As a kid, that's all I ever wanted to do was immerse myself in video games. They were 16-bit and not much for plot, but that prompted me to create my own stories. I guess you could say that's where my storytelling began.
I started writing in mid 2009, and I'll always remember the feeling of satisfaction I had when the story was completed. Still, it was only the beginning. I quickly learned I had a lot to learn; editing, how to contact agents, how to sell myself. To date, I am still learning. I hope I always will be, because that's what gives life meaning.
Agents didn't work out, and that's how I discovered the wonders of Kindle. The ease of self-publishing was very inviting, and though I knew it would be challenging, I took that path. That path led me here. Now my only goal is to bring my stories to the world, and pass on what I've learned along the way.

If you are interested in Steven Vincent's book  check it out on Amazon.com. In the meantime, might I interest you with the books description?

In the spring of 220 Minores, the world of Xeltia brought its black army to bear down upon the kingdoms of mankind. Led by the Corrupter and her Knight, they sought the Collapse - a fate worse than death, encompassing all and never to be undone.

Yet as the three kings united and the true knights arose, the onslaught was met on the eastern plains of Rolace. Many lives were ended, kingdoms shattered, but in the end the terrible evil was driven away. An era of flourishing peace would follow, which men called the Dawn.

But decades would pass, and this would become legend. True knights would fade, and the Corrupter would return, once again seeking the Collapse. Her Xeltian Knight would pit the hearts of man against his brothers using their anger, greed, and lust. There would be no united resistance this time... Only a boy seeking to fulfil a promise.

Dawn of the Knight I - Xeltian Invitation is a 560 page tale that will have you hooked from the start. Join Egon Skysong as he ventures across the lands of Rolace and Crylite in search of answers to defeat the wicked Xeltian Knight. Along the way he will learn much about himself and others, but if he cannot discover the true meaning of the Invitation, Xeltia, and the Collapse, the world shall know despair forever...

 I asked Steven a few questions. Here they are along with his answers.

1)Tell us about yourself.
"Uh oh! Well, for starters I've been playing video games since I was 2. I grew up with Legend of Zelda, Mario, and Sonic, so in a way games really helped shape my imagination. I spent a lot of time searching for my true calling, and eventually decided to take on the entire entertainment industry, starting with books! I love being able to entertain people while releasing my imagination. It's the perfect job." 

2)What inspired you to become an author?
"Comics weren't working out so well, so my sister told me to look into writing a book. That actually came a day after I first watched Star Wars, so I was full of inspiration and decided to go ahead and try that." 

3)Which of your books is your favorite?
"Gosh, that's hard to pick. I get in moods, you know? Sometimes I want to write high fantasy, sometimes I want the sword and sorcery feel, and then there are those days where I want to write about space ships and lasers! I guess currently (as of this moment) I'm into the science fiction novel I hope to publish later this year." 

4)How would you describe the process of creating your characters?
"I usually start by looking what roles need filling in the storyline. Then I pick a stock type (archer, knight, sorcerer, etc.) and give them a name, and a base personality. Then I develop the storyline and see how that character fits in. A great tip to make a character is to consider his or her occupation. the job we have says a lot about us!" 

5)What was your biggest challenge/triumph as an author?
"Self-publishing is a lot of work. I wrote my own book, edited my own book, drew and digitally enhanced my own cover, and I run my own advertising and promotions. But that's what I wanted! The challenge was the triumph, because I'm the master of my own fate." 

6)What are your plans for 2013?
"Well, I'm a quarter of the way into the sequel of Dawn of the Knight I - Xeltian Invitation. Book two is going to be really great, the main theme being dreams. But later on in the year I want to publish my science fiction novel. I'm still working on that though, so information is a bit scarce!" 

7)Which is harder to create: villain or hero?
"Ah, good question. I guess it depends on the storyline. If the villain is the one responsible for the world's woes, then they sort of develop themselves. In Dawn of the Knight, the main antagonist is Maeltrial - the Xeltian Knight. It is soon learned that he has been killed time and time again, but revives over the course of a few generations. He was (in the first draft) very stale, just your dark knight type. But when I rewrote the book he actually became quite comical, witty, and all in all refreshing compared to what's out there.
At the end of the day though, he owes all of that to the storyline of the Xeltian Invitation. So, I would say heroes are the challenge. I mean, you have to do a great job on them because the reader will be exposed to them the most!"

Did you like what you read here? Then, you should follow all the links provided in this post. It's your only chance to read up on a new author and continue adding to your book collection. You do have one, don't you? See you around! Thank you for joining me for yet another Featured Author Monday!

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