Monday, January 28, 2013

Featured Author Mondays - Taylor Lakke

 Welcome back to yet another Featured Author Monday. Yes, you guessed it. There'll be lots more of these. I enjoy featuring these authors every Monday. Each one is unique with her (so far) take on things, but most importantly, they are passionate about what they do.
 Taylor Lakke is someone who is passionate about what she does. If you write into the wee hours of the night, you are a very serious author. Taylor is one of those. If you've never heard of her you might keep reading and feel sorry you didn't know about her sooner. I invite you to read on!
In her own words:
'I was raised in the South but have lived in many places around the United States. Reading is my favorite hobby and has been since I was a little girl. I just started writing and am finding pure joy; it is something I was born to do. I love the ocean: swimming, snorkeling, sailing and boating. Travel is another passion I have. When I write I like to chew gum and wear a baseball cap. By day I am a Facility Director in Healthcare and in the wee hours of the night I am living my dream of writing books.'

If you are interested in Taylor Lakke's book A Heart For The Ocean: A Serenity Novel (Volume 1) check it out on Amazon.com. In the meantime, might I interest you with the book's description?

'Madison McKinsey is an average fifteen year old girl who attends a normal high school in Winter Haven, Florida. Her job is to deliver newspapers to the people in her town, but one day she reaches in for a newspaper and everything changes when she encounters a mystical phenomenon. She travels through time to a place that normal humans don’t know about. She meets Landon Cayne, an older boy who takes her on adventures to the strange seas of this world. She helps him in his quest. It doesn’t take long for Madison to see that Landon is different. He makes her soul sing. She can’t help but feel that she is destined to be with this not-so-normal boy, in this not-so-normal world.'

 I asked Taylor a few questions. Here they are along with her answers.

1)Tell us about yourself.
Writing has been important to me ever since I was little. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. By day I manage a dialysis facility.

2)What inspired you to become an author?
It has always been a secret dream of mine even though I never thought it would become a reality. One of my friends self-published and she became successful. She encouraged me to do so as well.

3)Which of your books is your favorite?
A Heart for the Ocean-the only one I have published so far.

4)How would you describe your relationship with your characters?
Some I wish I could become and I feel very close to. One or two I have an adversarial relationship.

5)What was your biggest challenge/triumph as an author?
Biggest challenge is learning how to promote your work. My biggest triumph is hearing from those who read my book and what they liked about it.

6)What are your plans for 2013?
Currently I am writing book #2 in my series, “Fury From The Sea”. Would like to complete the series in 2013.

7)Which is harder to create: villain or hero?
Hero for me. The Villain is pretty easy.

Did you like what you read here? Then, you should follow all the links provided in this post. It's your only chance to read up on a new author and continue adding to your book collection. You do have one, don't you? See you around! Thank you for joining me for yet another Featured Author Monday!


  1. It is so nice to read such a well written interview! I have a good sense of the book as well as the author! Best wishes!


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