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Featured Author Mondays - Cindy Smith

 Welcome back to Featured Author Mondays. It's another Monday and I'm sure you're raring to get on with the week, or maybe, you're just waking up from the weekend. Whatever it is, I'd like to start you off with a special treat.
 Whenever we hear the word 'author' we think of someone who has written a book, a novel, most likely. Today, I have the pleasure to feature Cindy Smith, a poet in her own right. If you have never heard of her, well, that's why I posted this, so you can learn all about her all on one page. So, dig in! Check her out at the links below.
In his/her own words: Cindy Smith was raised in upstate New York. She has worked a variety of jobs during her life--waitress, store associate, certified electronic technician. She is currently employed as an over-the-road truck driver. Cindy has lived is many states from Maine to Florida. She now resides in Indiana. Through all her experiences, she had voices in her head dictating poems. The voices would not relent until Cindy wrote the poems down. She invites you to eavesdrop.

If you are interested in (author's name) book (title) check it out on Amazon.com. In the meantime, might I interest you with the book's description?
 While there appears to be no description available, I would like to share with you, the reader, a few of the reviews her book has received on Amazon.com.

 5.0 out of 5 stars A chicken soup for the soul December 16, 2012

Format:Kindle Edition
First off, the copy of this amazing poems was given to me by the author for an honest review.

I wouldn't call myself a poetry guru, but I loved these amazing poems. Some are about love, others about loss, but they are all about this crazy thing we call life. I can see many on Hallmark cards. Everyone will find at least one of these poems touching, because they all pulled on my heart strings and one titled "Old man" hit the nail on the head. Give this book a try and you'll see, the poems will tear you up, make you think and make you appreciate life, maybe even restore your faith in human kind. I guarantee you, you'll find at least one poem that will hit close to home.
5.0 out of 5 stars Voices in my head by Cindy Smith November 8, 2012

This is the first time for me, a mostly "action/adventure, fantasy reader who really enjoyed reading a collection of poems. The poems were easy to read and follow.

The author Cindy Smith created a masterpiece! The collection created and nurtured a multitude of emotions ranging from incredible sadness to euphoria. The context of the poems range from relationships, family, weather, seasons to topics such as fantasy.

There is a poem for every moment, emotion, mood and pretty much subject. Whether you are a poem lover or not, there is something in this collection for all. I would encourage you check out this collection!!!
5.0 out of 5 stars poems "Voices in my Head" October 18, 2012

By Cathy

I received this book in very good condition and it is what the title says. Theres been so many lines of these poems that I have had in my own thoughts at one time or another. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read or like poetry. It is like ones own life experiences. In one section there were fantasies that we all have dreams about at some point. also I must mention the poem at the good Ol' Farmville from facebook. I thought that was very cute but true. You will find alot of truth in all these poems of your own life. You must get this book. Thank you.

 I asked Cindy a few questions. Here they are along with her answers.

1)Tell us about yourself.
I was raised in Upstaste New York and now live in Indiana with my husband. We are team OTR truck drivers. I have lived in several states along the eastern half of the US and have seen most of the rest through my work. I have written poetry as long as I can remember.

2)What inspired you to become a poet? Probably reading Dr. Suess, Always amazed at how he rhymed everything! I found that by writing I could paint pictures and free myself of strange feelings without hurting anyone. (If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!)

3)Which of your poems is your favorite? Right now my favorite is My Angel. Why? This poem is how I feel most days since the loss of my daughter. I feel the pain but I also feel her love around me everyday. It gives me strength.

4)How do you get inspired when trying to write a poem? Sure wish I had an exciting answer to this question! But, I do not. I see, hear or read something and suddenly there are words floating in my head. They keep it up until I write them down. I do try to put myself into the situation..."How would I feel if this happened to me?" That gives me perspective.

5)What was your biggest challenge/triumph as a poet? My biggest challenge was allowing others to read my poems, it truly was harder than you think!

6)What are your plans for 2013? I am considering publishing a second book, otherwise I will just continue to write as I always do.

7)What are your favorite forms of poetry? I like poems that are easy to read and make you enter the situation. I like Suess, Blake, Keats and some Frost. My favorite is Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

Did you like what you read here? Then, you should follow all the links provided in this post. It's your only chance to read up on a new author and continue adding to your book collection. You do have one, don't you? See you around! Thank you for joining me for yet another Featured Author Monday!


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