Friday, December 21, 2012

The End of the Tunnel - The Book I Want To Write Pt. 4

 Daniel cringed. "What did you hear?"
Rick sighed. "That..."
 Daniel looked in the direction of Rick's outstretched finger. A tall, blonde woman wearing a flowing white robe stood a few paces from them. Her face was bleak and she held her hands out to Daniel.
 "Come, old man, you've waited too long..." Her voice dragged like a soft hammer over broken glass.
 Daniel shook his head. "No...it can't be..."
 "Come, Daniel, come..."
 Rick seized Daniel by the arm and started to move but Daniel resisted. The woman came forward and intervened. Daniel continued to resist.
 "Let me go!"
 "This is crazy, who are you?" Rick asked the woman.
 "Let go of him."
 Daniel began to yell and Rick tugged him left while the woman tugged him right. As he was being jolted he collapsed senseless.
 "What?!" Daniel sat up with a start.
 Rick almost swerved off the road. "What's wrong? Dreaming again?"
 Daniel wiped his palms together. "Yes...dreaming again...dreaming again...damn it..."

The End.

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