Friday, December 14, 2012

The Book I want to Write 3

 "Rick, you don't know when to stop, do you?" Daniel asked wearily, stopping a couple feet in front of Rick.
 Rick relaxed. "Dan, you know I can't go back and I can't let you go alone."
 "What's wrong with going alone?"
 "Nothing. It's just that..." Rick trailed off, keeping his eyes averted from Daniel's grimacing face. "I don't order you, but let me come with you."
 Daniel turned and started crunching through the snow again. Rick opened his mouth to protest but Daniel waved a hand over his shoulder.
 "Come on, but hurry and shut the car off."
 Rick fumbled with the door and climbed back in. As he pulled the keys out of the ignition one thought kept racing through his mind. 'We're heading for trouble.' He tried to ignore it and pulled out, slamming the door behind him. With a few nimble dashes he was at Daniel's side and the two of them began climbing the hill together.
 The cold air snapped around them as a few stray flakes fell. Daniel was silent but Rick felt compelled to fill that silence.
 "You know, I've never been here before."
 "Woodland Hill?"
 "Yes. It's beautiful in the winter."
 Daniel didn't reply. He was leading Rick deeper and higher into Woodland Hill. The trees surrounded them closer and closer as they went. The smell of pine sap was sharp in the air. Rick noticed and wondered if Daniel noticed the same.
 "Smell that?"
 "What?" Daniel stopped. "What is it?"
 Rick ran a restless hand through his sandy brown hair. "Dan. Something's not right around here."
 "Why do you say that?"
 "Why is the sap so strong? Unless something's been scratching at the trees making them bleed."
 Daniel continued walking, not acknowledging Rick's words. He was tall, but bent so that his height didn't matter. His mop of messy black hair showed around the edges of his hat as he glanced back at Rick. They were worlds apart, not alike in any stretch of the imagination. Daniel was quiet but Rick preferred sound, activity. Daniel was orderly, methodical while Rick enjoyed the haphazard and the spontaneous. Daniel held strong ethical views regarding life. On the other hand, Rick had never given life or morality much thought. He allowed the currents around him to guide him.
 "Stop. Did you hear that?" Rick asked suddenly, his dark eyes wide with expectation.
 "No, what?" Daniel paused.
 "Over there, I heard something."

to be continued

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