Friday, December 7, 2012

The Book I Want to Write 2

  Since Maria from Maria's Meandering Mind commented and encouraged me to continue this story, here it is! I'm going to keep writing it until it feels complete. Enjoy!

 Rick stared doggedly through the windscreen. He didn't turn his head when Daniel Hazley climbed slowly into the vehicle.
 "Where to today, Dan?" Rick was brisk and cheerful as usual.
 "Woodland Hill, please."
 Rick chuckled under his breath. "You sure about that? Isn't that...?"
 The young man's voice trailed off as he stared at the older man's grave face. Without another word, Rick shifted gears and took off, his lips pressed together and his face almost against the windshield. Daniel sat beside him, silent, grim. Every time they breathed little clouds of steam filled the air momentarily around their mouths.
 Snow flew up around the tires as Rick drove along. For a while there was nothing but trees and fields. Then, the scene outside the windows changed and a frozen lake appeared on the right hand side flanked by patches of trees and short bushes. Rick turned the car up a narrow lane just past the lake and they went up Woodland Hill. The trees grew thicker on either side and the lake disappeared.
 Rick threw a wary glance at Daniel. The older man turned to look at him and spoke.
 "Stop about one hundred feet from here. I'll walk the rest of the way. You can go back to Gaten House."
 Rick almost threw his hands up. "What? You know Kate will kill me if she sees me back without you? She'll think I dumped you somewhere!"
 Daniel pursed his lips and his blue eyes flamed. "Richard, do as I say. Kate can't kill you. If she tries, run like the wind, hear me? Stop. Here's good."
 Rick halted suddenly and pulled the car over with a lurch. His jaw was working as if he was about to say something to stop Daniel but no words came. Daniel opened the door and got out. Pulling his hat down over his forehead and ears he slammed the door and started walking beyond the car.
Rick jumped out.
 Daniel stopped and turned around.
 "I'll just leave the car here and wait for you."
 He's crazy! Rick ground his teeth. He watched as Daniel turned away and began walking again. Rick was only twenty two but he had been  at Daniel's side for almost ten years. Since he was thirteen he had helped Daniel do the things he could never have done on his own. Rick knew Daniel was proud and hated help but he was grateful the man hadn't turned him away yet.
 "Okay, Dan. I'll come with you. Huh? What do you say?"
 Daniel stopped and turned around again, slowly. Then, he started walking back towards Rick. The young man braced himself.

to be continued

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