Monday, November 26, 2012

The Book I Want to Write

 He slumped on the couch, his back hunched, twisted in its unnatural deformed way. There was a look of sheer guilt written on his firm but haggard features. He sat thumbing through a gardening catalog, his eyes barely seeing what he was reading.
 Footsteps sounded behind him but he didn't turn.
 "Hey. How long you been sitting there?" a rough woman's voice asked from behind his back.
 He didn't reply. Throwing down the magazine onto the coffee table he picked up his glass and thrust it over his shoulder to her outstretched hand.
 "You got to get up and walk, brother." The woman continued, as if she'd never asked him a question. "You look tortured sitting there like that."
 "I'm fine."
 "Well, you move when you're ready."
 The woman left. When she was gone he got to his feet, unsteadily and limped over to the window. For a moment, he seemed to hesitate then he pushed up the sash and let the raw winter air breeze against his face.
 Far away in the distance there were children playing, sledding down a mild hill, screaming and laughing, floundering in the powdery snow. He gritted his teeth. Never again. Ten of his thirty-five years had been cursed by his injured back. Never again would he see a sled or a sledding child the same. It was with regret and bitterness that he stood watching the children in their afternoon, winter play. Some people would stop and smile at him as he stared at a group of children hard at their child-like work. They mistook his staring to be that of reminiscence or perhaps fondness but it was neither, it was bitterness.
 "What would have been?" He questioned to himself. "I would love to know what would have been."
 He shut the window and drew a circle in the frost on the glass. Inside the circle he drew two letters, A.H.: Amber Hazley.
 "May her memory live on."
 Footsteps sounded behind him again. "Mr. Hazley, Rick has come to take you for a walk."
 He turned around slowly. "I'd rather drive, to Woodland Hill. Tell him that."

to be continued


  1. as this is the book you wish to write - I encourage you to continue. I'm intrigued.

  2. Ahh, Maria! I've decided to continue this story per your encouragement! I'm glad you like it. Not many people read my blog and it can be kind of discouraging, but I take heart even if it's only one person reading it every week! :D Look for the continuation of this story next week on Friday 12pm EST. Happy reading!


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